The destruction of Hillary Clinton: sexism, Sanders, and the millennial feminists | Susan Bordo

In this extract from her book, Susan Bordo asks how the most qualified candidate ever to run for president lost the seemingly unloseable election Many books have been written about the way racial differences among feminists both divided and pushed feminist thinking and practice forward over the past several decades. In the 2016 election, however, […]

Can you be a feminist and vote for Donald Trump? Yes, you can | The panel

We were wrong to presume women would vote for Hillary Clinton because of her gender. Heres why Trump supporters still call themselves feminists A man who uses misogynistic language and has been accused of sexual assault is soon to become the 45th president of the United States of America. For feminists desperate to see the […]

Household incomes rose in 2015 for first time in eight years, US Census says

Median income was $56,516 last year, which was below pre-recession levels, while 3.6 million fewer people are living in poverty, the Census Bureau reported Household incomes in the US finally broke free of the recession in 2015, rising for the first time since the Obama election, the Census Bureau announced on Tuesday, but they still […]

Bernie Sanders may win big this week. Our panelists share why he has their vote

The senator from Vermont is an idealistic truth teller who wants to rebuild our societys faulty foundations Steven W Thrasher: He is ready to critique capitalism Steven W Thrasher Photograph: The Guardian Bernie Sanders offers the possibility of a better political future, the kind of world Ive been contemplating since the Black Lives Matter movement […]

A black and Latino coalition is emerging and that is a boon for Democrats | Barrett Holmes Pitner

Of course, neither African Americans nor Latinos are a monolith. But building on shared concerns and struggles can help deliver victory to Clinton American presidential elections have, for the greater part of a decade, become consumed with the growing importance of minority voters. Unfortunately they have regularly pitted or divided minority groups against one another […]

‘I won everything’: just who are Donald Trump’s supporters?

The Republican frontrunner has bragged about picking up support in nearly every demographic and hes not far off base. Now Trump supporters could reshape the countrys political map Actually, I won everything, Donald Trump said this week, after his victory in South Carolina and before his rout in Nevada. I won short people, tall people. […]