Why Black Women Going Natural Is As Political As It Is Beautiful

Former Miss USA Deshauna Barber shocked the world when she graced the stage to crownKra McCullough,the 2017winner of the pageant. The moment was historical since both winners hail from Washington D.C., are African-American, and had their big, curlynatural hair on full display. Fans couldnt stop fawning over all of the natural curly hair on the […]

18 Best Quotes From Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’

Looking back on the outrage over the release of Netflixs is pretty amusing. So many were quick to judge a show they were completely unfamiliar with. Little did these people know that not only would the series call out issues of racism in the hands of white people, but addresses conflicts amongst black liberals as […]

Hey, White Working Class, Donald Trump Is Already Screwing You Over

The Carrier deal was a sham.Ivankas moving her shoe production out of Chinaand into Ethiopia. Wake up, people. Youve been played.”> DearWorking-ClassWhite TrumpVoter, Youre probably going to read this as sour grapes, and I certainly am sour about a family of kleptocrats moving into the White House because 80,000 of your votes in states that […]

Tomi Lahren Is Terrible. Period.

The Daily Shows Trevor Noah and radio host Charlamagne Tha God have been fooled. Dont follow their lead. “> On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump was named Times Person of the Year, a title that has previously been awarded to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. And in late November, Trump supporter Tomi Lahren joined past punching […]

Why the Internet cannot defend the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh

Warning:This article contains video that may be potentially triggering. He came. He saw. He brutalized. In a disturbing viral video, Columbia, South Carolina deputy Ben Fields (a white male police officer the size of an offensive lineman, better known as Officer Slam to students) leers toward an unsuspecting young Black female student at Spring Valley […]

Black Lives Matter won’t stop interrupting Hillary Clintonand that’s a good thing

Saying Black Lives Matter isnt enough. That was the message a group of activists hoped to deliver to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday, when they interrupted the presidential candidates speech in front of a mostly Black audience in Atlanta. As the crowd sang Hell You Talmbout, Janelle Monas powerful BLM anthem, Clinton […]