Diane Abbott reveals illness and hits out at ‘vicious’ Tory campaign

Labour frontbencher reveals that type 2 diabetes forced her to take break and expresses disappointment at Theresa May for negative campaign Diane Abbott has accused the Conservative party of unleashing the most vicious and negative general election campaign in her memory, expressing her disappointment that a female prime minister had singled her out as a […]

Maxine Waters is having a moment

Washington (CNN)It lasted all of 30 seconds. Rep. Maxine Waters was at the podium to explain just what she thought of FBI Director James Comey after a briefing on the Russia investigation. Waters: Can I help you? What do you want? Reporter: Can you tell us anything about the discussion? Congresswoman defends statement on impeachment […]

Maxine Waters in her signature style: ‘I cannot be intimidated’

(CNN)“I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated.” That was Rep. Maxine Waters’ response, fired back after Fox News host Bill O’Reilly mocked her hair Tuesday. Congresswoman defends statement on impeachment At 78, the California Democrat’s fierce opposition and one-liners dished out against President Donald Trump’s administration have made her a darling to […]

Whats next for the womens movement?

After the success of the Womens March, its International Womens Day on Wednesday 8 March. Here, 15 influential women, from Lena Dunham and Nicola Sturgeon to Susie Orbach, nominate a crucial next step towards equality Lena Dunham: keep on protesting I think the activism and organisation thats happening now is showing protest matters, calling your […]

Americas south embraces bigotry of the past, but a new coalition is fighting back

Southern states are reinforcing the remnants of prejudice with new laws that open the door to discrimination against LGBT citizens The date was a watershed for all Americans. But 26 June 2015 was an especially important day for LGBT citizens like me. The pushback against LGBT rights and protections and the attempt to codify them […]