Bill O’Reilly’s insult to Rep. Waters should offend all Americans

(CNN)Bill O’Reilly’s repellent, on-air comment Tuesday has helped shine a spotlight on the ways in which black women are stereotyped and denigrated. The #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag that quickly blew up on Twitter after he publicly disrespected Rep. Maxine Waters, the most senior African-American woman in Congress, brought women’s stories of systemic, widespread and routine affronts rushing […]

Why GOP plans on health care will hurt all women

(CNN)Social conservatives opposed to women’s health, rights and autonomy now control the White House, both houses of Congress and, at the state level, most governors’ houses and legislatures. Even as these policymakers continue their assault on abortion rights, they are also poised to enact policy that will undercut US women’s access to family planning services. […]