Activists want more coverage of ex-cop facing sexual assault charges against 13 women

The trial of a former Oklahoma City police officer entered a third day of deliberation. Daniel Holtzclaw, 28, is accused of sexually assaulting 13 women on the job. Holtzclaw is accused of targeting black women with felony records who he could manipulate with threats of jail time if they told authorities. He is charged with […]

The case of serial rapist police officer Daniel Holtzclaw tells us so much about 2015 | Lindy West

The Oklahoma City police officer knew the odds were rigged in his favour we live in a world where police violence against black bodies isnt simply tolerated, it is encouraged A wave of bitter satisfaction swept over much of the internet last week when video footage from the the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, […]

The face of African slavery in Qajar Iran in pictures

Anthropologist Pedram Khosronejad has embarked on a new and controversial topic in Iranian studies, developing a narrative on African slavery in Persia through archival photography, interviews and scattered text. Here he curates from his burgeoning collection The African slave trade in the Persian Gulf began well before the Islamic period. Mediaeval accounts refer sporadically to […]

Could urban farming be an oasis in the Tulsa food desert?

Oklahoma is one of the most food insecure states in the US, where families struggle to buy enough healthy food. Locals are trying to ease poverty with community farming, but face difficulty in a city with a complex racial history As a young girl in Mississippi, Demalda Newsome once found some sweet potatoes sprouting outside. […]