Thandie Newton: We dont just need more black women in movies. We need intersectionality, now

Not all black people are men; not all women are white. Too often the distinct and different stories of women of colour are overlooked or erased I have been an actor for more than diversity in Hollywood? How many people of colour and women are enough? Does diversity sell? First it was: why are there […]

Diane Nash: ‘Non-violent protest was the most important invention of the 20th century’

She led the lunch counter protests and organised the Freedom Riders in the 60s. What does civil rights veteran Diane Nash think of todays campaigners? More than a half-century later, Diane Nash can still hear the sound of the nights she spent alone in that Mississippi jail cell. There was an insect in that jail […]

Whats next for the womens movement?

After the success of the Womens March, its International Womens Day on Wednesday 8 March. Here, 15 influential women, from Lena Dunham and Nicola Sturgeon to Susie Orbach, nominate a crucial next step towards equality Lena Dunham: keep on protesting I think the activism and organisation thats happening now is showing protest matters, calling your […]

Nude selfies, cold shoulders and the Hadids: the year in fashion

Here are 19 of the trends that defined 2016 1 The nude selfie The most influential outfit of the year featured no clothes at all. When hotel-bathroom nude selfie on Instagram back in March, she Lyst reported a 400% rise in searches for black bandeau bikinis that would recreate the effect of the black censorship […]

Six women who made 2015: from Charlotte Church to Calais campaigners

Amandla Stenberg called Hollywood out on its ignorance, Marilyn Mosby fought police brutality and Chi Onwurah joined the shadow cabinet we salute them Chi Onwurah Chi Onwurah. Photograph: James Drew Turner The MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central joined the shadow cabinet following Jeremy Corbyns victory: she had nominated him for the Labour leadership, but […]

H&Ms diverse advert mirrors the real world. Shame the ad industry doesnt | Arwa Mahdawi

All types of women feature in the TV ad, but are campaigns such as this having any effect on the industry that creates them? Diversity is so hot right now. Take launched a campaign called Rules for the Modern Woman, which mocks old-fashioned notions of how women should behave. Similarly, Organic Valley unveiled the FREDDY […]