The destruction of Hillary Clinton: sexism, Sanders, and the millennial feminists | Susan Bordo

In this extract from her book, Susan Bordo asks how the most qualified candidate ever to run for president lost the seemingly unloseable election Many books have been written about the way racial differences among feminists both divided and pushed feminist thinking and practice forward over the past several decades. In the 2016 election, however, […]

What Black Lives Matter really wants from 2016 presidential candidates

Thus far, the presidential debates have barely mentioned Black Lives Matter, and the movement is now petitioning for that to change. The Black Lives Matter network recently sent out a call to the Democratic National Committee for a Democratic presidential debate focused solely on racial justice policies. It is not enough to poll the presidential […]

Hillary Clinton Says Assault At Spring Valley High Cant Be Justified

Hillary Clinton joined on Monday to discuss criticism of her criminal justice platform as well as the black teenager who was thrown from her desk by a school resource officer in Columbia, South Carolina, last week. of former Spring Valley High School resource officer Ben Fields ShakaraThe adults in a school should be modeling appropriate […]

Black Lives Matter won’t stop interrupting Hillary Clintonand that’s a good thing

Saying Black Lives Matter isnt enough. That was the message a group of activists hoped to deliver to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday, when they interrupted the presidential candidates speech in front of a mostly Black audience in Atlanta. As the crowd sang Hell You Talmbout, Janelle Monas powerful BLM anthem, Clinton […]

‘We know what it is to bury a child’ the black mothers turning mourning into a movement

Parents of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell have been united by the deaths of their children. Here, they speak of their loss, the fight for black lives and their fears for Trumps America Since Mothers of the Movement parents of some of the most high-profile black victims of police […]

I’m A Black Woman And I’m Waiting For Hillary Clinton To Win Me Over

Bill and Hillary Clinton are practically part of myfamily. I was 4years old when Bill was sworn into the White House. Since then, I’ve watched my parents proudly support the Clinton family’s every political move. I don’t actually recall Bill’s 1992 saxophone solo on the “Arsenio Hall Show,”butmy family certainly made references enough times for […]

Last Night Hillary Clinton Made History So Why Didnt She Say The Words Black Lives Matter

A sleeping infant gets herself killed by a SWAT bullet.A handcuffed man breaks his own neck in the back of a police van after being arrested for making eye contact with a police officer. A career woman with a bright future is found dead in her cell after a traffic stop. African Americans seem to […]

The voters Clinton needs to win over

(CNN)America’s halting efforts to confront the nation’s original sin of slavery and continuing systemic transgressions against blacks and people of color dominated the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week. Against the backdrop of a presidential election whose outcome will largely be decided by the energy, organizing, and turnout of African Americans, especially black women, […]