Beyonc’s ‘Formation’ Spells Out What It Means To Be A Black Feminist

As fate would have it, I was deep conditioning my natural hair when Beyonc dropped her world-stopping single, “Formation.” A link to the video quietly scrolled across my Twitter feed as my coconut oil set, andI was initially stunned into literal silence. Then, my Twitter fingers went to work, attempting to communicateall myemotions. All I […]

Vogue and Cosmo criticized for reactions to Beyonc’s ‘Formation’ video

Two days ago, Beyonc broke the Internet with her brilliant new anthem, “Formation.” Since then, everyone with a blog or a Twitter account has shared their opinions about the videoand for every thoughtful analysis or observation, there have been several shockingly insensitive reactions, some from very high-profile sources. Hours after “Formation” dropped on Saturday, Cosmopolitan […]

Beyonc Has Always Been Political — You Just Didn’t Notice

 When Beyoncé dropped “Formation” over the weekend, it was an exciting, exuberant, and decidedly political celebration of blackness.The song, and its video, were lauded for proving that Beyoncé is “woke,” and fully plugged into what it means to be a black woman in America. What’s most fascinating about the reaction to “Formation” is that it assumes […]

Beyonc Sends A Personal Thank You Note To Writer For ‘Formation’ Review

Mega fan Jenna Worthamhad her ultimate dream realized Wednesday after receiving a personal thank you note and flowers… FROM BEYONC. Wortham, a staff writer for The New York Times, contributed to a discussion article reviewing the pop superstar’s baller new music video for “Formation.” Beyonc, it seems, was a big fan of her thoughtful words. […]