So a Trump-like Caesar was killed on stage. But Republicans spill real blood | Jamie Peck

The same oligarchs currently pushing through a healthcare bill that will kill more people each year than gun homicides want to cry foul over Shakespeare? The conservative media is losing its collective marbles over a provocative production of Shakespeares Julius Caesar. Staged by the Public Theater in New York City, the play depicts a suspiciously […]

The destruction of Hillary Clinton: sexism, Sanders, and the millennial feminists | Susan Bordo

In this extract from her book, Susan Bordo asks how the most qualified candidate ever to run for president lost the seemingly unloseable election Many books have been written about the way racial differences among feminists both divided and pushed feminist thinking and practice forward over the past several decades. In the 2016 election, however, […]

Inauguration boycott grows as Donald Trump meets Martin Luther King III

As son of civil rights hero attends Trump Tower for constructive meeting, more than 30 Democrats say they will not attend on Friday after Trump spat with John Lewis More than 30 members of Congress will boycott Donald Trumps inauguration on Friday, amid escalating outrage over civil rights veteran John Lewis. As the US marked […]