How #TrustBlackWomen pushes back against racially-motivated anti-abortion activism

A group of women gathered in Atlanta want you to Trust Black Women. This week, more than 60 Black women activists and community leaders met to discuss reproductive justice and about how to deal with the increasingly manipulative tactics of an anti-abortion movement aimed at Black communities. The women, representing a variety of nonprofits and […]

Amanda Seales Soars In New Hilarious Scripted Comedy, Get Your Life

Actress and comedian Amanda Seales released a new scripted comedy Wednesday titled Get Your Life that is guaranteed to leave you entertained.  The first episode is set in New York City and follows Seales as she comes face-to-face with constant real-life challenges in the city that never sleeps — like being catcalled on the street and […]

Why the Internet cannot defend the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh

Warning:This article contains video that may be potentially triggering. He came. He saw. He brutalized. In a disturbing viral video, Columbia, South Carolina deputy Ben Fields (a white male police officer the size of an offensive lineman, better known as Officer Slam to students) leers toward an unsuspecting young Black female student at Spring Valley […]

These Black Women Died In Police Encounters, And They May Never Get Justice

In all likelihood, Sandra Bland would still be alive today if she’d been a white woman.  Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said this himself Tuesday, shortly after it was announced there would be no indictments regarding Bland’s death in a Texas jail cell this summer. A grand jury concluded the case Monday and found no felony […]

Pro-choice activists use social media to commemorate Roe v. Wade’s 43rd anniversary

When Amelia Bonow announced onFacebooklast September that she’d had an abortion, she couldn’t have predicted that a single social-media rant would turn into an online movement involving millions of people. #ShoutYourAbortion started as a viral hashtag, turned into a catalyst for extreme harassment and threats directed at the women participating, and then became a larger, […]

Black Women Get Real About What It Means To Be ‘Classically Beautiful’

In a world where black women are often made to feel less than because of the way they look, a new online documentary series is helping to redefine what it means to be beautiful. “Classically Beautiful: The Discussion,” produced by Coal Crown Creative, features candid interviews with black women of different ages and backgrounds speaking about […]