Thandie Newton: We dont just need more black women in movies. We need intersectionality, now

Not all black people are men; not all women are white. Too often the distinct and different stories of women of colour are overlooked or erased I have been an actor for more than diversity in Hollywood? How many people of colour and women are enough? Does diversity sell? First it was: why are there […]

‘We know what it is to bury a child’ the black mothers turning mourning into a movement

Parents of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell have been united by the deaths of their children. Here, they speak of their loss, the fight for black lives and their fears for Trumps America Since Mothers of the Movement parents of some of the most high-profile black victims of police […]

Bonnie Greer: ‘Black Lives Matter is a big fail for my generation’

The writer has reimagined The Cherry Orchard as The Hotel Cerise, replacing Russian aristocrats with African Americans. She talks about fleeing gentrification, how millennials are going to save us and why she never watches herself on TV Bonnie Greer tells me, with pride, that she doesnt really engage much with contemporary culture. Or, more accurately, […]

Tavis Smiley: Obama ‘Should Have’ Mentioned Black Lives Matter At SOTU

The one problem? He never actually said “black lives matter.” “I want us to be King-like, not just to quote Dr. King,” Smiley told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. “Fifty years ago. King warned we were going to lose this democracy if we didn’t get serious about the triple threat facing America. What is that triple threat? […]

This is a black conversation: give us the space to be heard | Eliza Anyangwe

All kinds of people have been weighing in on the politics of Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncés recent performances. But sometimes, just sometimes, its black voices that matter most If the reactions to Beyoncs performance at the Super Bowl a fortnight earlier, are anything to go by, you could almost script the various responses to the […]

Dallas shootings: the latest chapter in a painful racial history | Peniel E Joseph

The path that led America to a bloody week of violence in Dallas, Falcon Heights and Baton Rouge is far longer than wed like to admit A horrific week of violence in the US has cast into sharp relief the troubled relationship between black communities and law enforcement. This latest cycle of violence began with […]

‘She gave me space to be unapologetically black’: why Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC show mattered

Former contributors and friends of the show worry that marginalized voices are not just being tuned back down, but issues at the heart of many Americans minds are being ignored Days after the cancellation of Melissa Harris-Perrys show, a vast array of former guests, speakers and intellectuals remain aghast at the news. In an email […]