Fox News faces 11-person lawsuit for racial discrimination against staff

Current and former employees allege Plantation-style management but TV channel denies allegations, calling them copycat complaints An expanded lawsuit filed on Tuesday accuses Fox News Channel of racial discrimination that appears more akin to plantation-style management than a modern-day work environment. The lawsuit, filed in state supreme court, adds eight former and current Fox employees […]

The collective angered by hiring of white professor alleged to hyper-sexualize black women

Here’s some news from Pomona College, a school in Claremont, Calif., thatany hiring managers reading this might want to take a moment to flag on any incoming resumes. The Washington Times reports Wednesday that the college has, despite protests, hired a white woman as visiting professor of sociology, despite the fact that two highly qualified […]

Beyonc is not only celebrating talented women. She’s paying them.

This week marks the first anniversary of Beyonc’s “Lemonade.” Do you remember where you were April 24, 2016? Of course you do. It was a cultural touchstone. It was the moon landing minus the conspiracy theories and white men. GIF via “Lemonade.” To celebrate, Beyonc established college scholarships for women! More information after this celebratory […]

Congratulations, Shea Moisture You Played Yourself

The Internet is coming for Shea Moisture this week after the company released — and eventually pulled — a new advertisement featuring white women who experience “hair hate.” In case you’re unfamiliar, the beauty brand — founded by two Liberian refugees from Harlem in the ’90s — makes products almost exclusively associated with black hair. […]