African-American gun club says membership surged in Trump era

(CNN)More African-Americans appear to be taking an active interest in their right to bear arms since the election of President Donald Trump, gun club leaders and firearm sellers say. A national African-American gun club has doubled its membership since Election Day, and gun sellers say they’ve noticed more black customers buying firearms. At Stoddard’s Range […]

From La La Land to Jackie, women lead the way at this years Oscars

With a high number of female-led films, critics say Hollywood has turned the corner One person will almost certainly not be watching the global Academy Awards telecast: President Donald Trump. I think Film critics describe 2016 as an unusually buoyant year for women, even as much of America convulses with anxiety about gender rights under […]

Four Black Trailblazers On How They Are Empowering Communities Of Color

Each panelist spoke about how their respective platforms are amplifying the black experience and helping people of color land opportunities in areas where they have been largely overlooke You can create the environment that you want and actually tell the stories that matter to you.” Jonathan Jackson We serve over 50,000 members in our companies, […]

‘Hidden Figures’ And The Diversity Conversation We Aren’t Having

Of the nine films competing for the Best Picture award at this Sundays Oscars, three have predominantly black leading casts Fences, Moonlight, and Hidden Figures. But only one, Hidden Figures, has a white director a fact that was deemed largely irrelevant up until last month, when it emerged that the film may have engaged in […]

What Kind Of World Do We Want To Live In? It’s Our Choice.

Terrified and powerless. Those are the word that come to mind to describe my childhood experience. For the first 18 years of my life, domestic violence held my family hostage. As the violence unfolded on those dark nights, I tried to console myself in the belief one day, I wont have to live in a […]

What Does It Really Mean To Win Best Picture?

Sundays Oscars loom in the shadow of Donald Trumps fledgling presidency. As with every awards show this year, we can expect copious equal-rights diatribes mounted in resistance to the regressive legislationand callow disregard for traditionthat has defined the Trump administrations debut. Perhaps more than ever, the Best Picture contest seems to double as a referendum […]