Yale Finds No Evidence of Halloween Party Racism

The universitys investigation, following a report a frat was operating a white girls only policy at a party, found no specific evidence of the incident. Last month, Yale Universitys Sigma Alpha Epsilon faced national scrutiny after the viral allegation it held a white girls only Halloween party. SAEs president temporarily left school due to the […]

The Cop Who Abused 13 Black Women Is Unique Because He Was Convicted

Former Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty of 18 charges including rape, sexual battery and forcible oral sodomy. Holtzclaw was accused of assault by 13 women. The women were stopped by Holtzclaw while he was presumably on patrol in a low-income neighborhood. All 13 of the women are black. Most have low […]

White Cop Convicted of Serial Rape of Black Women

Prosecutors alleged Daniel Holtzclaw preyed on poor, black women while on duty because no one would believe their claims in court. He was wrong. UPDATE 12/10/2015, 10:20 P.M.: Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty Thursday evening of five counts of rape and an additional 13 counts of sexual assault against eight of his accusers. He faces […]

Cop Used Whiteness as His Weapon to Rape Black Women

A former Oklahoma City cop thought his badge and his race would protect him as he sexually assaulted woman after woman. An all-white, mostly male jury proved him wrong. The message from the prosecution team to the victims was clear: Black womens lives matter. Is this the first time you sucked a white cock? Oklahoma […]