Thanks, Beyonc: Being a Becky Just Got So Much Harder

The hunt is on for the Becky in Beyoncs song Sorry. Is she a real nemesis, a composite, a euphemism for white women? Whatever, the name has a big history of trouble. “> Poor Becky. Right now, Becky is possibly a real persons name, possibly a masking name, possibly a composite name for multiple women, […]

Let These Photos Of Women’s Afros Turned Into Nature Take Your Breath Away

Pierre Jean-Louis says he sees Mother Nature in black women. He translates this by turning black women’s natural hair into breathtaking natural and celestial scenes in his series “Black Girl Magic.”  A photo posted by Pierre Jean-Louis (@pierre_artista) on Mar 8, 2016 at 4:03pm PST A photo posted by Pierre Jean-Louis (@pierre_artista) on Apr 25, […]

Beyonc: Formation tour review defiant, victorious and glorious

Marlins Park, MiamiShe stunned the world with her magnum opus Lemonade and now Beyoncs new world tour puts the furious politics of black womanhood centre stage Awe has always seemed like the only appropriate response to Beyonc, a star who makes even the best of the rest look a bit amateur. She tells us over […]

Whitewashing Beyonc, Or Any Black Woman, Will Never Be OK

As part of a global community of journalists and editors who, at least in theory, strive to educate and inform, I was disgusted Thursday to come across a Glamour UK article that in one little gif-filled, navel-gazing story undermined Beyonce’s “Lemonade” message and in turn the experience of many black women.  Twitter Since Queen Bey […]

Lil Kim shouldnt be blamed for her new, whiter, look | Patience Zalanga

Misogynoir, colourism and anti-blackness invade our lives every day. When I saw how Lil Kim had changed, I could only empathise Amid all the black girl love emanating from Black Twitter blew up on Sunday in response to rapper on Instagram. After what looks like extensive cosmetic surgery to her facial features, lighter skin, and […]

Even In Work Benefits, Black And Latino Workers Lose Out To White Peers

direA new from the Center for American Progress finds that workers’ access to paid leave and workplace flexibility varies dramatically depending on their race and ethnicity. based on 2011 data from the Department of Labor’s American Time Use Survey.  According to the report: Latino workers are 11 percent less likely than their white counterparts to […]

Jamelia Slams Piers Morgan Over Offensive Column On Beyonc

Beyonc dropping an album was never going to be a quiet event, but the fever that has accompanied ‘Lemonade has been quite something. There’s all that Jay-Z stuff. Which if you haven’t heard about then congratulations on your mini break from the internet, it can’t have been easy. And now there’s Piers Morgan. Piers wrote […]